Biography of
Wolfgang Wiesen

is his first self published

Wolfgang Wiesen,

is 46 years old and his profession is teacher at a high school in Germany. He has a university diploma in biology and biochemistry and from his early years on he has been interested in photography.
His father, who was an amateur photographer himself, gave him a camera when he was 8 years old and from that time on he has developed his skills. From the idea of an image up to the final fine print in his darkroom, he does all the work himself to have absolute control of every step.

Several of his pictures have already been published in photo magazines such as SCHWARZWEISS, COLOR FOTO, PHOTOGRAPHIE etc. and he has participated in international photo salons around the world and in many exhibitions here in Germany. His favourite subjects are landscape, architecture and nature.

Wolfgang uses Kodak High Speed IR-Film and enlarges on Ilford Multigrade IV for his Infrared photos. His camera is Minolta, and his lenses has a focal length of 17mm - 55 mm.

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