Personal Details:
Name : Nayia Yiakoumakis Place of birth: Athens.
Date of birth : 30.10.1967
Address : 2, Melpomenis sir. 156 69 Athens, Greece. Telephone : (30)(1) 6510695

1985 - 88 Focus school of photography and audiovisual studies.
1987 - 88 Athens News Agency, 600 hour seminar on Videodisc construction.
1988 - 89 West Surrey college of Art & Design, England. 1st year of BA(Hons)Photography.
1989 - 91 London College of Printing, England.
2nd & 3rd year of BA(Hons) Photography.

Working experience
1989 - 91 London correspondent for Fotograf as magazine.
1992 - 94 Editor in Fotografia and in Fotografia Pro magazines.

Teaching experience
1991 - 92 Lecturer at Focus school of photography, "Photography as a communication medium."
1992 - 93 Assistant to the director of studies at European School of Photography (ESP).
1994- 97 Lecturer at the Preferture Board of Popular Education, in History of photography.
Lecturer at Focus school of photography, in History of photography and in Contextual studies.
1996 - 97 Lecturer at the educational group of institutions Xini, in the tecnique of photography.
Lecturer at Athens Tecnological Education Institute in the Photography department.

Group Exhibitions
1986 Photographic Center of Athens. Athens. 1992 Photographer's Gallery. London.
Slaughterhouse Gallery (Final show of L.C.P.) London. 1995 Stavlos Gallery. (Five artists). Athens.
Image '95. (Selection of 15 young artists). Athens. National Center of Photography, Skopelos Town Hall. Skopelos.
1996 Photographic Center of Athens (Winning prizes of the contest "Greek youth". Athens.
The House of Cyprus. (Focus's school graduates). Athens. Fuji-Film exhibitng Center. (3 artists project on the Arctic zone) Athens.
1997 Macedonian Center of Contemporary Art. (Image & Idol-20 yrs of Greek photography). Thessaloniki.


1996 "Lappland - house event" in Rovaniemi. In collaboration with the artist Kostis Velonis.
1997 "Mono Lisa is delicious" at the Louvre, beside Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In collaboration with Kostis Velonis.

Nayia Yiakoumakis
November 1997

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