Determined spaces

The present work concerns contemporary strategies of power in the impact of control. It indicates some questions around the nature of the processes that take place with the video surveillance of public spaces. Some places that are surveyed are represented as well as the tools that survey (cameras, monitors, speakers).

The control tends to be self-referred, without being concluded when and who was the last controller of the surveillance net. In the beginning the cameras control equally every viewer (this element adds a non-class character) transforming citizens into possible suspects. The determined spaces differ from the Baudlerian model of the flaneur. What is projected is the omnipresence of control and what is helpful to stimulate this approach seems to be the concrete technical process created with the reversed negative printing of the image. In this way, the negative surface gives the illusion that it functions beyond the human condition.

What is intersting for me is to register the discourse of a technological viewer which is not definite and replaces the ontological identity determined in every moment.

The whole work constitutes of 25 color prints. The standard size is 50*60 cm. 1997-98

© 1998 Kostis Velonis


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