Feeling the way through the inner Universe, paths unfold stirring up impressions, and unconscious states of mind, body, soul. The whole Cosmogony of being pictured through a tumult that incites and reproduces the imprints of the outside on the raw material of existence. An explosive red rage, still uniterpreted, engenders the sapphire tempests in the unlit ravines at the recesses of the mind. A light that illuminates the bewilderment to guide it to the erotic harmony of the inside and the outside. An I AM vibrating in now centrifugal now centripetal pulsation - from pleasure to pain and back again. Images from the yearning for the whole and the immersion into the chaos of nothingness. An inner voyage to the spheres of existence and oblivion. Through the hand that does not paint but nearly literally pictures its nucleus.

© 1999 Victoria Kessari


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