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Michalis Neofytos picture

....You think I shouldn't go further. You think I should take what they give me and never ask for more. But this is not me, my friend. I cannot be satisfied with that; You see, there is this little voice inside me that screams to me " Don't be idle ! You can reach higher! Try a little harder. Stand on your toes and stretch your body. Reach your hand out and expanse your fingers. Then you will be able to touch your dream! Even if you only feel it on your fingertrips, just for a very brief moment passing like the wind that caresses your hair, you should know that it is worth the try."
That is why, my friend, I shall keep fighting for my vision, I shall keep fighting for what you call "impossible". I shall continue my trip to my own Ithake, even if it takes forever..... even if I have to travel from here to eternity.......


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