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For the last many years we have seen a constant disappearance of products specified for a niche market that has no longer interest for the mass production. A lot of appasionate people working in the darkroom actually do complain about this problem and they find it difficult to obtain results at least comparable with those they were used to get some years ago. GUILLEMINOT dissapears in 1993 and thus a prestigious series of printing paper appreciated all over the world. In 1996 the former technical director of the Guilleminot decides, with great courage, to repropose the old emulsion quality with the new name BERGGER, distributed on the Italian market by the ECCO company in Florence.

The attempt to offer quality products and to make it possible to rediscover the pleasure of working in the darkroom has given good results and the prestigious Italian firm ORNANO that guarantees the production experience and quality has decided to take part in this project producing a range of chemical products by esclusive ACSAF specifications :

- Medioton                 - High quality liquid developer for paper.
- ECCO '96                 - The basic product, a developer for film and paper.. Powdered form.
- HQ- WT- CT - C+          - Four liquid additives that allow to make a standard developer and to
change tonalities and contrasts :

The idea of these chemicals has sprung from a wish to simplify the work in the darkroom, reducing the costs and making it easier to use the special ACSAF brush technique. Practically it is possible just using one single envelope of papers to range from sepia tones to blue and to change the black colour density and contrasts.

Instead of filling up the darkroom with different types of paper, a thing that often has no sense at all, and delegating the results to the special features of one single product, it might perhaps be far more constructive to get to know thoroughly the capacity of one photographic paper and only change paper for very valid and evident reasons.

The complete series of these products shall be available from January 1999 . Special courses offered by ACSAF , who has carried out the product research..


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