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Developers for b/w film and paper

Informations         Developers for b/w film and paper


Powdered product to be utilised for the development of low and medium speed film, as well as for paper treatment combined with the special additives.

Film development :                stock solution diluted from 1+1 to 1+ 3.
Allows to control different lighting contrasts and always to obtain a wider tonal range.
It's a real pleasure to look at the negatives on the lightbox.
A list of developing times for the most popular films is inside the package.
Papers development :          stock solution diluted  1 + 4  . To be integrated with the additives:

     - C+  :   Add from 30 to 40 ml/ lt to obtain a working solution  from soft to normal.
                  Varying the stock dilution you can control the contrast.
                  Time for standard treatment :  2,5 min (20 c).

    - HQ :    Realized to create a true double bath developing system.
                 You can vary the contrast and the tonalities of the paper with absolute freedom.
                 Appointed by ACSAF for the special brush treatment system, can also easily be used
                 with normal dish system.
                 Developing time: variable.

                 Package :  2 separate envelopes for 1!lt of stock solution each.
Liquid developer for paper , born from the great experience of Ornano.
Its formula makes it the ideal partner for the whole range of the additives.
Excellent results with all types of papers. Neutral black . Package : plastic bottle - 550ml
Standard working dilution : 1+7 - time of development : 2,5 min (20)

Use with additives :
                                          - C+  :  dilution from 1+ 9  to 1+12
                                          - WT :  dilution from 1+12 to 1+19
                                          - CT  :  dilution from 1+ 4  to 1+ 9
The dilutions of the additives and developer , different exposure times, different treatment times and temperature will leave space for fantasy and sperimentation.
The dilutions listed above are given only as reference or suggestion.
More informations about additives utilisation , special brush-development system courses and other workshops are avaible at:

ACSAF - V.le A.Volta 51 - 50131 Firenze - tel + fax : +39 55 583707 -

Web site :


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