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EMAKS and EMAKS PE belong to the group of chlorobromide photographic papers used for making enlargements. With shorter exposures they. can also be used for contact copying. They are characterized by a pleasant warm tone, deep blacks and rich transitions of tones in both light and dark places. 
These papers should be developed in usual developers for photographic papers. For all their features, EMAKS and EMAKS PE photographic papers are particularly suitable or art photography as they meet all demands of modern photography. EMAKS is produced on baryta coated double weight (K) and single weight (P) support. On K support the emulsion layer is coated on four types of surfaces: glossy,mat, silk and crystal. On P support EMAKS is produced only on glossy surface. 
EMAKS PE is produced on resin coated white medium weight support on three types of surface: glossy, mat and crystal. This paper is very suitable for photographs intended to be exhibited in open air or unprotected places. 
EMAKS and EMAKS PE photographic papers are produced in 3 contrast grades: special (1), normal (2) and hard (3). 


                                                 Chart of the assortment of EMAKS photographic papers 
Support  Support 
 Surface  Contrast grade
K - 
K 888  glossy Gradation 1 (special) 
Gradation 2 (normal) 
Gradation 3 (hard) 
 K 883  mat 
 K 885  silk 
K 881  crystal
single weight 
 P 888  glossy
Designation examples: 
EMAKS K 883, gradation 1  - EMAKS photographic paper produced 
on baryta coated double weight 
support, with mat surface, contrast 
grade 1 (special). 
EMAKS P 888, gradation 3  - EMAKS photographic paper produced 
on baryta coated single weight 
support, with glossy surface, contrast 
grade 3 (hard). 

Chart of the assortment of EMAKS PE photographic papers 
Contrast grade
Support Support desig 
Surface  1 2 3
Surface and gradation 
PE - resin coatedmedium weight KX glossy  101  102  103 
 mat  301  302  303
crystal  511 512 513

Designation examples: 
EMAKS PE KX 102  - EMAKS photographic paper on resin 
coated medium weight support, with 
glossy surface, gradation 2 (normal). 


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