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is a baryta coated double weight fibre base version of our variable contrast enlarging paper.
Its photographical properties are identical with the RC type FORTESPEED-POLYGRADE.
The fibre base polygrade papers are made on a double weight (235 grs/m2) baryta coated base with smooth glossy or finegrain lustre surface:
smooth, glossy surtace
finegrain, lustre surface

Darkroom safelight: dark-red filter
Recommended developer: Fortespeed developer
Recommended fixer: Fortespeed fixer 
Drying: at max. 90 C (glazing)
(The instructions for use attached to each box, contain detailed information of handling and processing of the product.)


Artzone Index We express our gratitude to * Kokkinos inc. , distributor of FORTE products in Greece for giving to us the permission to present the above material. 

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