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is a special type of b/w RC enlarging papers of a neutral black image tone, with the advantage, that through the use of filters its contrast can continously be varied within the whole range of contrast grades of conventional enlarging papers (from extrasoft to extra-hard gradation).
Due to this property the utiliser doesn't need to keep on stock all the different contrast grades of the product, nor special soft or hard working developers. Another advantage is, that the variation of the contrast is obtained continously, which is essential at high quality works, where a contrast between two available grades would be needed.
Spectral sensitivity of Polygrade papers is compatible with colour heads, so that for a lower contrast the paper is exposed at an increased yellow filtration, for a higher contrast at an increased magenta filtration.
Additive filter systems can also be used, where the contrast varies as a function of the blue and green filter exposures.
Special filter kits for variable contrast papers are available for con ventional enlargers.
When used without filtration, FORTESPEED-POLYGRADE paper gives a contrast similar to "Special" contrast grade and has a speed about double as high as conventional Forte enlarging papers.
Type marking:
glossy surtace
semimat surface

Darkroom safelight: dark red filter .
Recommended developer: Fortespeed developer
Recommended fixer: Fortespeed fixer
Drying: air drying or in an RC dryer


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