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Resin coated, silver-chlorobromide enlarging paper with warm brown image tone. In addition to all advantages of FORTESPEED papers, prints made on PORTUREX-SPEED material are dist inguished by their plasticity, their rich tones and warm image colour. All these properties make it most suitable for the use of professional photographers.
The image tone can be varied to some extent by the choice of the developer, or by modifying the temperature of the developer and the development time.
Speed is 20 to 25% lower than that of FORTESPEED papers and is nearly identical to our FORTEZO type baryta papers. PORTUREX-SPEED papers are manufactured on a medium weight (165 grs/m2) paper base, coated on both sides by poly ethylen, and are available in three contrast grades, with glossy or semimat surface:

Darkroom safelight: orange or yellow-brown filter
Recommended developer: Fortespeed developer
Recommended fixer: Fortespeed fixer
Drying: air drying or in an RC dryer


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