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MACO expo Ag 

A short summary of attributes of this black & white RC-based photoaraphic paper : 
* unique metallic image impression 
* to produce silver-black prints 
* attractive alternative for presentations and exhibitions 
* precious silk-glossy surface 
* silvery coated RC-base 
* cold image tone 
* Suitable for tray-and und machine processing 
* contrasty image rendering of halftone and lithographic work 
* incomparable images can be realised by use of toners e.g. "metallic-blue" with LP-AZUR or "bronze" with LP-SEPIA 
* available in sizes of 8,9 x 12,7cm - 50,8 x 61cm(3,5 x 5" - 20 x 24") and wide rolls of 125cm (49,2") width 

1. General data in regard of the silverhalogenide photographic emulsion: 
MACO expo Ag is available with grade 3 (normal). 

Type: -silverbromide-emulsion 

2. Description of the surface: 
MACO expo Ag has a silk-glossy surface, thus minimizing fingerprints and light reflections.The surface offers almost the same high values of sharpness and contrast range as glossy surfaces. 
Drying with an infrared RC-dryer can increase glossy finish. 

3. Image tone of the photographic emulsion: 
MACO expo Ag has an emulsion with a cold-black image tone. Within limits, can the image tone be manipulated by choice of developer. 
For example: 
MACO ecoprint
- warm image tone 
- cold image tone 
- neutral image tone 
- cold image tone
4. Tone of the basematerial: 
 The RC-base has been coated with a special metallic, silvery layer. The "silvery-effect" will be visible after fixing has been completed. RC-base avoids intake of processing chemicals resp. water, thus featuring short processing times and full developing machine compatibility. 
 5. Paper ISO Speed + ISO Range: 
P 125 R 75
The graded (3) emulsion has been fine-tuned for reproducing halftone and graphic work. 

6. Maximum density: 
Following (approx.-) value has been achieved with a negative (Gamma 0,60) in combination with the paper developer LP-BROM 1: 

max. Dens. - 1,95

7. Coating structure (top to bottom): 
1. A-protective coating 
2. B- protective coating 
3. lightsensitive emulsion coating 
4. monochrome, silvery, metallic coating 
5. RC-base 
6. Backside: Antistatic coating, specially treated for writing, stamping; mounting and laminating possible with all RC-suited hot and cold procedures 

8. Toning: 
Due to the special metallic coating, MACO expo Ag offers unique toning effects. The toning color will in effect be "metallized". It can be toned in almost all available toners. Following some application examples: 
Deep, brown blacks: 
A: Treatment in PEERLESS watercolors. 
Light brown/ yellowish A: Toning in LABOR PARTNER LP-SEPIA with adding vinegar.
Bluetoning: A: Toning in LABOR PARTNER LP-AZUR.
Toning with LP-SELENIA 
A: Increasement of max. density. 
B: Improvement of archival quality (image silver) 
C: Change of image tone
For best toning results with bluetoners prints should be underexposed 0,5 - 1 f-stop, since bluetoners add to image density. 
For gelatine toning, whether partially, or full image, the use of PEERLESS-watercolors( U.S.A.) has been proven for more than a century. 

10. Retouching: 
For MACO expo Ag paper, the PEERLESS-watercolors "DRY SPOT SET" have been proven. The colors may be adjusted to the image tone and leave no marks on the surface. Air brushing and spotting with brushes is possible. Due to the different coating structure test material with your individual technique. 

11. Darkroom safety light: 
Protective filter red or yelllow-green. Max. 15 Watts, minimum distance Lamp - tray 120 cm (a fogging test may be recommendable). 

12. Informations for processing: 
MACO expo Ag can be processed in trays as well as in developing machines.Suitable are all available quality photographic chemicals. 
Best results are possible with MACO or LABOR PARTNER photographic chemistry: 

For trays: 
Fixing bath: 
LP-BROM 4, (neutral image tone, high speed) 
MACO ecoprint, (cold image tone) 
LP-CITRIN, (citric acid base, odorless, with indicator) 
MACO ecostop 
LP-FIX SUPRA, (High energy fixer, low pH-value) 
MACO ecofix, (High energy fixer, neutral pH-value)
For machineprocessing: 
without Regeneration: 
with Regeneration:
LP-SPEED 2000 TL, (complete set of developer and fixer) 
LP-SPEED 2000 RT, (developer and fixer seperately available)
In wet condition the surface is very delicate. To avoid scratches, take special care while processing. If machine processing will be applied, check transport roller condition. 

MACO expo Ag can be air-dried or by use of RC-dryers. Dryers for baryta (fiberbased) papers are not suited. If using electrical dryers bear in mind that due to the double protective coating on top of the emulsion, expo Ag may still have some moisture in the emulsion. This is especially the case with large prints. To avoid damages because of the "stickiness" lay prints on a table, emulsion side up, and let them dry off on the air. Do not place them again in the dryer. 

Due to the metallic coated base MACO expo Ag shows a slightly higher curling. For presentation purposes prints should be mounted or framed. 
For commercial work a lamination of the backside can also be effective. 

13. Storage: 
Original MACO packages, once opened, should be stored in a cool and dry place. Packages feature easy opening on opposite side of label, punches under the lid allow for easy closing. 

14. General informations about MACO-Products: 
By sending a sufficiently stamped envelope with the address, one can receive technical application sheets about all MACO Products, of which some have been mentioned here. 

TA expo Ag TA-Nr. 141I1 January 1998 
Errors, or omissions regarding technical progress, remain excepted. 

MACO PHOTO PRODUCTS is a Division of HANS O. MAHN & CO., P.O. Box 105202, D-20036 Hamburg Hotline: 040-237 008-88 


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First published date 15 July 1998 


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