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RP Paper

New Seagull RP is protected top and bottom by thin polyethylene (Resin Protected). It is a high-sensitivity, jet black tone, general-use enlarging paper.
From brilliant highlights to deep blacks, it has a rich range of tones. Since processing agents do not penetrate into the paper, wash times are dramatically shortened,
making it a high-efficiency product. The surface of the product has a high degree of smoothness and there is virtually no dimensional distortion, making it an easy-to-use paper.

For general-use enlargers with yellow-green filters, 15W bulbs should be used and the safelight should be at least one meter from the enlarger.
New Seagull RP is a veryhigh-sensitive paper and should not be exposed more than 10 minutes. Be careful with prints after they have been exposed.

To raise processing efficiency, the sensitivity of New Seagull RP has been raised to a very high level. The maximum level of sensitivity gets lower as the grade number rises; #2, #3, and #4 have progressively lower maximum sensitivity levels. #3 is about 70% of #2 in sensitivity level. #4 is about 50% of #3 in sensitivity level. For most printing paper, the density of the negative begins to fall from grades #3 and #4 and in most cases cannot be raised much by increased exposure.

Sensitivity and gradient
Grade ISO Speed ISO Range
No.2 P640 R110
No.3 P400 R90
No.4 P320 R70

Standard processing conditions
Process Processing temperature  Processing time
Development 20+_ 0.5 C 60~90 sec.
Stop bath 15~25 C 5~15 sec.
Fixing 15~25 C 3~5 min.
Washing 15~25 C 5~10 min.
Drying 60~70 C 30~60 sec.

For New Seagull RP paper, it is possible to use almost all commercially available developers or use standard formulations (D-72, etc.) without changing the performance of the product.

Stop bath
For the stop bath, a solution of 1 .5% of glacial acetic acid is used.
Time 15 to 30 seconds.
Water 1 liter
Glacial acetic acid 15 ml

Prepared fixer is recommended but, if you are preparing your own fixer, either use an acid hardening fixer containing sodium thiosulfate (hypo) or a rapid fixer containing ammonium thiosulfate. To make sure the prints will develop uniformly and not be affected by contaminants in the developer, the prints should be shaken in the developer. Keep the total fixing time to ten minutes or less. If the fixing time is too long, there is a risk that the tone balance will degrade.

The washing process can be finished in about five minutes by washing in water while stirring. The stirring should not be to strong since the corners of the prints may be damaged. If the washing is continued for too long a time, the surface of the prints may become rough.

Drying is carried out using a hair dryer. It is also possible to dry the prints naturally if they can be placed in a location where there is sufficient air circulation.
Ferro-type dryers cannot be used.

High-temperature processing conditions
New Seagull RP has the properties which make it well-suited for high-speed processing.
Process Processing temperature Processing time
Development 30+_ 0.5 C 30 sec.
Fixing 30+_ 0.5 C 30 sec.
Washing - 60 sec.
Drying 50~60 C -

Types of paper
Type Base paper  Weight Texture Tint Image tone Grade
RP paper Medium Glossy, smooth White Jet black 2~4
R RP paper Medium Luster, smooth White Jet black  2~4

Storage and treatment
Always store photographic paper in a cool, dry place. It is also effective to put a desiccant in a package which has been opened to keep the paper dry.
The paper should be used quickly after the package has been opened. Be careful to avoid exposing the paper for long periods to a safelight, or letting the emulsion side come into contact with fingers.

Characteristics curve Spectral sensitivity




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