Roland Barthes says : "Four omaginary elements intersect, confront one another and become distorted in the portrait : In front of the lens at the same time I am : the one I believe I am, the one the photographer believes I am and the one the photographer employs to demostrate his art "

We could perhaps draw a parallel between the metamorphoses the lens creates in the model, with those created by the mirror. In front of the mirror, looking at ourselves we take up new poses. In the flash of a moment we create a role, then another; we transform ourselves And thus, the relation of photography to theatre becomes evident (its historical connection to painting is already known.)

So the lens ( like a mirror ) offers us a new perspective. But, in addition, I am not just looking at myself with my own eyes, I am looking at myself posing.... through the eyes of others !.

" You regard (see) yourself ( in a light different from that of the mirror ) : A history of the ways of "looking" would be interesting " says Roland Barthes.

Let's regard the lens as a kind of mirror then, or rather as many different kinds of mirrors. The mirror is defined technically as a surface on which images are reflected.
The surface will only work of cource, as long as there are light sources. That's another connection with photography.

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