Defining photography as the composition of the imaginary picture.

Epicure a major Greek philosopher of the 5th century B.C. teaches that knowledge comes from the senses. As regards the sense of vision, knowledge results from seeing and understanding objects.
A secondary criterion of truth for Epicure is the imaginary picture because it originates in repeated sensory recognition which is true to and real in itself.
Photography attracts our glance to a two-dimentional slice of space-time, offering to us a separate reality. This is the beginning and the end of the potential of a photo picture to recreate or represent the World as a Whole.
Now we are able to synthesize with our puzzle pieces a Reality which resembles the Original, or create an imaginary picture by repeatedly picturing " identical " situations or scenes or objects.
This subjective recreation of the World is for me the charm and magic of the photographic act and art.

© 1997 Sofia Koukoulioti. Translation : Victor Bafis.

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