welcome to B&W ART ZONE

welcome to B&W Art Zone

I start this new site believing that B&W photography is the most important part of art photography, and seeing forward to an exchange and spread of artistic ideas and beliefs in the WWW. My ambition is the creation of a site which will attract artists from every point of the world willing to display their work, and help create a technical database on B&W photography.
A photo archive will materialize in time, with categories such as : portrait, sports, nature, nude, still life, photo journalism, creative photography,experimental photography, and more. In this venture I have the technical assistance and help of HOL Internet Provider Company.
More of the presentations of this site will be a homage to new Greek Photographers, reflecting in their work a youthful restlessness in a rapidly changing society.

This is a site dedicated to Quality- Amateur or Professional.

Sorry, I won't buy or sell !
Expecting your friendly interest and participation....

Elias Eliadis.

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