Form, Space, and Texture; their emotional impact has not only been essential to my very "Being" throughout life, but has been central to my creative energies, as well. However, because I've chosen the photographic discipline as my creative medium, transcending the subject matter has been problematic. That is, until I discovered two very unique photographic processes: the image and emulsion transfer. Both these processes have allowed for the inclusion of watercolor and handmade papers in my creative process. Using these textured and absorbent papers facilitates the removal of the fine detail, as well as mutes the over-saturated colors normally associated with the photographic medium, while adding surface texture. This has allowed me to transcend the subject matter, moving closer to the true spirit of Form, Space, and Texture, while I continue to investigate that fragile, delicate junction, where the abstract and representational fuse.

© 1997 Stephen Jay Lunsford

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