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The Plume Cocoon Product Photo Cove

OK, you've got the digital camera and the computer to get your products up on the web or into your catalog, but you had no idea it would be so difficult to light your products.

You're not alone! Every professional photographer has spent hours positioning lightboxes, adjusting and re-adjusting reflectors or building fragile tissue paper light tents, with tape and lots of luck, just to get one small product lit correctly.

The Plume Cocoon is a simple time saving innovation for every photographer and non-photographer who has fought to make small products look great. Put your product inside the Cocoon, use any light source outside the dome (including daylight), aim camera and, presto! blasto!, perfectly lit product photos.

The Plume Cocoon is a Zip Up Semi-rigid Plastic "Dome" made up of four Translucent Diffusion Panels that create a egg shape "baby cove" into which the product is placed. Three photo "ports" for shooting straight down, at a 45% angle and horizontally in the the cove sweep.  The Zipper allows easy assembly and disassembly for storage. the Cocoon size to image area has been determined by angle of view needed by a 55mm macro lens on a 35mm camera or lens equivalent in medium and large format cameras. 

You can use the Plume Cocoon with sunlight, skylight, full-spectrum fluorescent or flash as well as *tungsten lights. You can also use the Cocoon on a sheet of glass with a slide viewing lightbox or other light source placed underneath for total shadowless images. Pros note here: The Cocoon's graduated lighting will solve the "blooming" of digital highlights which result from 100% even incident light sources. 
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Shown on this page is the "Cocoon 70" measuring 17"w x 20"h x 27"d (43 x 50 x 70 cm) to photograph objects up to a size of  9 x 14 inches (23 x 36 cm) for $125 usd.  Also available is the double sized "Cocoon 130" for objects up to 16 x 28 inches (40 x 70 cm) at $189 usd and a half sized "Cocoon 33" for objects up to 5 x 7 inches (12 x 18 cm) for $70 usd.

We pay shipment anywhere in the world. And as with all Plume products, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. 

* TUNGSTEN : You can use tungsten (AKA: incandescent, halogen, quartz) as our Cocoon has a high heat tolerance, but keep in mind that while tungsten sources may be relatively cheap, they produce great amounts of heat and very, very little BLUE light.  When used for digital and film imaging, tungsten light source creates great amounts of red and green light, plus lots and lots of unseen heat which is not used (or discarded) by the film or CCD. That heat trapped inside a product dome is not good for a fragile product or museum artifacts!

DIGITAL IMAGING : With linear array cameras (scanning) you must use light sources which are either high frequency AC, DC or natural light to avoid scan drop out lines. Film imaging at slow shutter speeds (1/30 and less) should have no problems with AC light sources cycling at 50/60 Hz. See our Scandles page.  

UNDERLIGHTING:  The Cocoon is easily underlit  for shadowless images with a transparency viewing box - again, best results are obtained if these boxes use high frequency (20+ kHz) ballasts with high CRI lamps (90+).

Our sample photographs were lit by two 75 watt 85CRI fluorescent fixtures with high frequency ballasts using a LEAF Lumina Scanning Camera (the "best bang for buck" camera!) for the product shots and a Kodak DC50 for the set up shots and field shot of the "Pre-Colombian" artifact.  A 85 CRI high frequency transparency viewing box was used under the Staple Gun and Wine Bottle.  Barbie's Costume idea from the book "Fascinating Womanhood" - ( joke).

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