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Plume Tools for Traveling Fools

It is said that "Ms. Necessity is the Mother of Invention."  Here are some "not necessarily conventional" solutions for the imagemaker pressed into the cruel, uncertain world of life on the edge -  useful tools for studio, location and travel. The following implements are for the truly crazed lightmongers as they duel darkness in the great abyss.









Gary w/ StudioWallPLUME STUDIOWALL, seven lbs. of thoughtfully designed pockets and sleeves, flaps and handles that carry up to seventy pounds of tripods, lightstands, booms, lightbanks, umbrellas, cables and cords. Hangs in studio, rolls up for transport. Try a StudioWall, buy a StudioWall just ask a fellow fiend who has the habit.

StudioWall $189.

StudioWall Support Tube w/Joiner $49.

Grid Spot Chimney GRID SPOT "CHIMNEY", the extreme hard edged opposite of a WAFER. Not a grid spot reflector, but an all black non reflective grid spot holder. The CHIMNEY holds the standard 7" grid spots (Balcar, Comet, Dynalite, Speedotron, Calumet) for any flash head listed among our WAFER Rings. Used with this grid honeycomb, the CHIMNEY fractures the light of the flash tube itself. Excellent for use with glass brick and other extreme crosslight manipulation. It is possible to mimic a grid spot reflector by adding some diffusion behind the grid spot. Slotted for filters [and for cooling]. 150 Watt max modeling lamp. Price depends on which adapter for your flash head.
Chimney for Most Flash. Price depends on which "brand" Wafer Ring you need for your flash head + $15

PLUME SOFT REFLECTOR, total madness. Conventional reflectors take up too much travel space while changing shape in transit. Now the pre-dented car concept - a white glass/alum fabric reflector which just happens to accept 7 inch honeycomb grid spots. Collapses for travel, takes shape for use. 150 Watt max modeling lamp. Price depends on which "brand" Wafer Ring you need for your flash head + $15 Soft Reflector
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