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Tallat Montage
TALLAT Diffusion Shutter

TALLAT is a small elegant diffusion shutter which can be attached to any lens and quickly creates a sharp/diffused double flash exposure for portrait and product photography. The TALLAT Diffusion Shutter works by opening the filter arm to allow clear focus through the lens. At the moment of exposure, TALLAT's dual cable release opens the camera shutter triggering the first flash as usual, making the sharp, but only partial, first exposure. Then the hinged filter arm of the TALLAT is released, bringing its diffusion filter in front of the lens, and at the same moment, closing a micro switch triggering the second flash, making the diffused, and completed, second exposure in as little time as 1/4 second. This results in a photograph with selective sharp and diffused areas determined by how the photographer chooses to divide the lighting on the subject between the first flash and the second flash.

Tallat Montage #2
The TALLAT Diffusion Shutter uses standard 100mm acrylic filters, clear or colored, and is attached to any lens by means of a 77mm [Series 9] adapter ring [included] which joins to many stepped filter-to-lens adapters. The TALLAT Diffusion Shutter offers many other possibilities. Fresnels, polarizers or diffraction grating may be instead of diffusion filters. And the TALLAT can be used to make sharp/diffused exposures using flash plus continuous light sources including daylight. The TALLAT is made from machined aluminum, black anodized and measures 15 x 15 cm by 1 cm deep [6 x 6 by half inch deep].  (TALLAT is the Catalonian word for "cut" and is the name of a sharp espresso coffee "cut" with foamed milk.)  Link to TALLAT Instructions.

Price: $898 limited qty.

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