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Wafer Hex WAFER HEXOVAL is the fashion and portrait specialists' lightbank. Its six-sided oval shape better matches the shape of the human face for enhanced modeling and highlights. This thinnest WAFER shape is a good choice for corporate work in tight office spaces. An oval masked diffuser is available for each size for rounded reflexive highlights.

  • Wafer HexOval 100 (95 x70 by 30 cm - 37.5 x 27.5 by 12 inches deep). Single portraits of head and shoulders. Increased contrast when used at greater distance for 3/4 or full length fashion.  $575 incl. shipping
  • Wafer HexOval 140 (130 x 95 by 37 cm deep - 53 x 37 by 14.5 inches deep). For single or small group portraits and portraits in small corporate offices. Beautiful highlights with optional Oval Mask.  $695 incl. shipping
  • Wafer HexOval 180 (180 x 135 by 52cm deep - 71 x 53 by 20.5 inches deep). Broad beautiful light for any subject. Excellent for larger groups and outdoor portraits using flash as with daylight.  $825 incl. shipping

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