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Wafer rectangle details

WAFER vs. any other lightbank

The three reasons to choose the WAFER Diffusion Bank to diffuse flash are its light quality, function and design. The WAFER quickly changes to meet the differences in lighting style and taste required by individual photographers and variations in specific subjects. Again, WAFER is created to match "your way", to be as flexible as possible to meet your unique and changing need and nuance.

The WAFER's crisp but smooth quality of light places its performance and light quality apart from any other diffusion bank. The narrow profile, silver-with-white interior and unique graduated inner baffles create exceptional output efficiencies with a choice of light contrasts across the front diffuser. Each of the two inner baffles has an different attenuated pattern (US Patent 5023756) created using a halftone dot developed by using the photographic negative of the naturally occurring"hot spot", thus "negating" the expected center brightness and allowing four contrast choices across the front diffuser.

The lightweight WAFER works with most studio flash systems (see Dedicated Ring page). The rotating cast aluminum attachment ring is tensioned for precise placement of the WAFER and its reflexive highlight. The removable front fabric diffuser is easily exchanged with rigid frames of plastic diffusers or honeycomb grids for further specialization. Polarizers, colored filters and other diffusion materials can also be held by the rigid frames. for travel or storage.

The WAFER materials and construction have been carefully considered to provide the best function and value. Over 27 different premium materials have been sourced from Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. Three different sailcloths are used for the Wafer diffuser, its baffles and the interior ellipses. A special aluminum fiberglass cloth around the flash head eliminates any heat and UV damage. The flattened WAFER profile results from using a combination of Easton aluminum tent tube with high tempered stainless steel rod or pre bent alloys. Special pole pockets reinforce the corners. Inner baffles, rear closures and ring adapters are all interchangeable between sizes. And all WAFERS are easily assembled for use and collapsed to fold with their attachment ring into a compact zippered bag for travel or storage - even the largest bag is not longer than 100 cm (40 inches).

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