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Wafer rectangle details

Shapes and sizes-

The WAFER Diffusion Bank is available in eleven variations in size and shape. If there is a rule, the lightbank should be the same shape and size (or larger) as your subject. So, faces and fashion need a oval bank and cereal boxes need a rectangular bank. Lightbanks are made to minic window lights, and windowlight makes everything beautiful. Certainly, our 3:4 proportioned Rectangular banks are the most popular and most useful for all-round product and people imaging.

But rifles, knives and fishing rods might need a long narrow highlights from long narrow Strip banks rather than Rectangular Banks. Our Strips are the same length as our Rectancular Banks, but HALF the Width. People, especially those skinny girls, are long and narrow - if you need good head to toe coverage, but increased contrast across the width of the body, chose a Strip, and not a Rectangle.

Our HexOval with the Masked Diffusors create the most perfect round highlight in the model's eye and unexpected wonderful falloff on her cheeks and chin. Are our HexOvals better than circular lightbanks? Depends. If you take your portraits with the lightbank angled over towards your subject - from the subject's point of view - an tilted circle becomes a horitzontal oval (not what you had in mind), but a vertical oval becomes a circle.

Bigger is better. Larger sizes at the same distance reduce contrast. But then smaller sizes take up less room, take up less travel room and cost less money. A larger size can become small, just by moving it back a step or two. Hint: Adjacent WAFER sizes share a common side dimension to allow multiple "banking" (side by side) of multiple WAFERs - Wafer 100 next to a WAFER 140, or our 140 side-by-side with a WAFER 200.

Not to forget our little SL (for Still LIfe) for the table top specialist - tiny is better too.

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