Plume Limited / Tools for Imaging
tel: +1.303.888.8099
888 Main St, PO Box Nine, Silver Plume, CO 80476 USA
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Here's the Deal.

Plume Original Owner Trade-In is between Plume Ltd. only and with the original Plume WAFER owner.

WAFERs can be in any condition - just return all parts except the ring. 30th Anniversary Trade in / Trade up pricing is listed below and maybe compared with suggested Plume Ltd. list pricing shown here. WAFER price sheet.

Not all models of WAFER lightbanks are in inventory at any one time - so there may be some delay in availability. If you would like to check first on availability before sending in your WAFER for trade in, drop us an email here.

Rings are not included in the upgrade values below, but ring upgrades would be considered. Please contact us for details.

Anniversary Trade-in / Trade-up prices:

Direct shipment costs to you will be added to the following prices.

WAFER 75 $287
WAFER 100 $383

WAFER 140 $473
WAFER 200 $580
WAFER Strip 100 $346
WAFER Strip 140 $434
WAFER Strip 200 $547

WAFER HexOval 100 $420
WAFER HexOval 140 $507
WAFER HexOval 180 $602

WAFER SL56 $217


Here is what to do:

Return your WAFER complete (without ring) with all parts and pieces to:

Gary Regester, Plume Upgrade, 888 Main St./PO Box Nine, Silver Plume CO 80476 USA tel 303 569 3236

Include a note on your letterhead including telephone number and we will call for payment details prior to shipment. Or you can chose to include payment or info with your return as we will not deposit checks or action credit cards until your new WAFER is shipped.