Breath of the city

Viewpoints raised by Tassos Schizas’ work: "Breath of the city"

While taking a breath of the city perfume by night, photographer Tassos Schizas outlines the presence of people familiar to him, according to his own ritual. The night works as a veil dragging us through connotations.
The figures are intensely theatrical, visual narrations assisted in their movement by dramatic hard light, giving off the aura of people. Lonely people (who are not necessarily alone) who move into the time and space of the artist. Sidelong straight lines dominate in the photographic frame emphasising the either way created sharpening in the picture. The angle is impressively lowered as if being seen by a child having to look at the scene along with the entailed psychological burden and experiencing situations that can hardly change anyway.
Passivity and acceptance of situations. The images of adoration engraving the representation of modern man in the city. The playfulness of light shades and the alternations from light into darkness in those pictures, surely engrave and at the same time set boundaries of a lonely course schedule.
I believe that there is a dialogue between the artist and his audience through his pictures and an audience speculation through the images that take up (get) energy from the creator ‘s emotional status during picture taking. Besides, this is the question risen in art. All of those things are realised thanks to the movement of people in space, the space of the city: The space of the city by night.

What kind of questions does he make? What is he seeking through the faces that coexist in his pictures? I personally think that his artistic proposal refers to his own personal time and space where he lives or, I ‘d rather say where he has to live without possibility of intervention.

by Grigoris Vlassas, Associate Professor of Photography in the Technological School of Athens


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