. Eliadis Elias
.. hymn to the light of Attica

The white attic light threw them in stark contrast to the intense blue sky fluffy white clouds traveled across the sky throwing shadows on parts of the columns threatening rain. That promise was fulfilled later in the afternoon when the clouds opened up and poured out their burden. Before that happened however I managed to capture that unique day of light and shadow on the columns. For a brief moment in time I was catapulted back in time : a sense of awe filled me as I stood face to face with one of the monuments of my ancestors.
Columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus at Athens-Greece.

. Andreas Zacharatos
Jazz Moments

Jazz : A calm and, at the same time, revolutionary word. Over the last 3 years Iíve been feeling that I should express my love for the jazz music through my cameraís lens. The feelings Iíve been getting for all these years, since I started photographing in places where musicians used to play jazz music, were aesthetically leading my photographic compositions. I like to take pictures in small clubs, because I believe that small places and jazz music fit together. What I try to do is analyzing each musicianís air through the arrangement of masses, photo shadows and picture tone. By my latter, completed photographic work JAZZ MOMENTS … approximate the whole Greek and international jazz music scene, capturing the feeling and dynamism of jazz music. Each note is translated into a and each feeling is translated into a photographic composition

. Boris Kirpotin

During my stay in France 1995-1996 I had the opportunity of doing some photographs in the Southern part of the country. The place I had chosen was an old monastery but very vivid by its friendly nuns. The idea I had in mind was to describe their daily life as a form of a reportage. As I was working though, and the time were passing, I found out that the place by itself was calling for a more personal approach. In this kind of an approach, place and time became unimportant leaving me to act more instictibly. After seven visits at the specific place I had a pile of work to do my final printing. So here are some samples of my attempt.



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