A photographer who visits a country, has to choose between the random (independently of subject and content) accumulation of images and the work on specific predetermined plan or work on the spot.
In the first case, a quick movement and an eagle's eye are demanded, whereas in the second one, an intellectual energy for the differentiation's comprehension and the labour for presence in the right place at the right moment are called for.
Both ways of approach are equally acceptable, equally difficult, equally personal and therefore demanded.
Thodoris Georgiadis chose the second way.
He photographs the people of the Nile in their natural environment with powerful angles, angles that without seeking their imposition on it, they clearly elevate the presence of the ones being photographed.
All of them, in town or in the country, demonstrate unique people, full of humanity, people who could not stand with such dignity anywhere else, in other words parts, harmonious and inseparable, a part of their space, a part of the landscape.
With them the History also poses.
The warmth and the way by which the photographer to communicates with his "models" create this unique perfume that shaped the country's past and maybe its future.

Vassilis Karkatselis


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