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Costas Evangelatos,

Born in Argostoli, Kefalonias – 12 November, 1957. He studied free design in a workshop in Athens and took a diploma in the law department of Athens University. From 1984 he followed art history and painting at the New School in Manhattan, New York, taking classes from Pearl Ehrlich and Allen David.


From 1986-1993 he was artistic director of the Dada gallery in Athens. Costas Evangelatos is a member of the Kefallonian Society of Historical Research, the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece, the Greek Byron Society, and the Greek Artists Chamber.

In general lines or conceptual his development starts with a peculiar poetic realism with symbolic extension and proceeds in individual studies and designs with colorful processinhe major element in his recent work is the use of the written meaning, which charges comprehensively a body or a plane.

 From 1976 until today he has given lectures on conjectural and aesthetic themes. He has illustrated collections of poems and heraldic studies. In 1985 he organized in Athens an exhibition with informative material about the cultural life in New York.

Works of Costas Evangelatos are in public and private collections in Greece, France, Italy, Cyprus, Poland and several cities in America especialy in New York such as: Fordham University Collection, Dr. Viviene Wechter, Dr Robert Campbell, Sir Cesare Santeramo, Stanley Matek, J. Sloan, Wendy Hanson, John David Skilton, Ernie Hillma, Marcia Illing. Also in municipalities and municipal spaces in Greece, such as Municipal Gallery in Athens, the Museum of Athens University, the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, the Foundation of Macedonian Studies, etc. Also in the collection of Phillipe Jamet, Panayotis Kangelaris, Pan. Marinis, Kimon Friar, Dimostheni Fakalos,Konstantinos Despotopoulos, Renee Sgourda, Chr. Moschandreou, etc. 

  • Six poems
    by Costas Evangelatos

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