"I was on an isle called Patmos", so John, the Theologian, begins his fantastic series of visions written 1,900 years ago which make up the last book of the Christian New Testament, The Revelation ( or the Apocalypse) of John.

These photographs depict several moments during September 1996 Celebration by the Eastern Orthodox Church of the 1,900th Anniversary of John's writings. During this week, nearly 10,000 people joined in the Celebration on the Greek Island of Patmos including 18 of the world's 20 Orthodox Patriarchs. Such photographs are examples of "photo reportage" capturing moments during an event while retaining the artists' graphic concerns of composition and design. This method contrasts with the simple informational concerns of a news photographer. Such photo reportage is influenced by the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Constantine Manos (see book list).

Also in this presentation there are some photographs represent a more personal vision of the Island of Patmos and are, in a sense, timeless images against the "event" of the Celebration. These photographs are influenced by the work and writings of the late artist and photographer, Minor White, who viewed photography in terms of visual poems, songs and "equivalences". (See book list below.)

Book "PATMOS" published for the Celebration
Book "Art of the Apocalypse", art exhibition during Celebration
Book "Monastery of St. John", a history of the monastery
Book "I was in the Isle of Patmos", the traditions of St. John
Book "The Revelation of John", text of the Apocalypse
Book "Henri Cartier Bresson, Photographer"
Book "A Greek Portfolio" by Constantine Manos
Book "Mirrors Messages Manifestations" by Minor White

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