©1999 George Pahountis

by George Pahountis

The place we live and every day move in and around it, is so habitual, so familiar thus it is concidered as given a priori as far as it concernes itís face, itís construction and itís individual characteristics. the power of habit makes difficult the revelation of another face characterising the place around us, also of a different relationship with it.Nevertheless everyone lives......

©1999 Manolis Kindelis

Cuba - October 1998
by Manolis Kindelis

In pursuit of the lost image of childhood, in the age of magic, when time still rolled by slowly.
What has been recorded through photography has been saved .........

©1999 Andonis Papandoniou

Light & Shadows-Political Views
by Andonis Papandoniou

In the press, photography can create news and press photography's primary aim is exactly that: "to make the news". However, the camera's lens can also supply us with a visual critique via the every day activities of a press photographer. It can point out unseen perspectives of political life and this in itself is also news.
The photographic series Light & Shadows - Political Views documents contemporary Greek reality over......

©1999 Stefan Seip

The Inheritance of the Iron Works
by Stefan Seip

In march 1999 I visted a iron works at the first time. It was so spectacular that I needed one hour to realize what I saw. After that I was able to take pictures. This took place at the 'Old Voeklingen Iron Works', a blast furnace system which is closed since 1986. It was established in 1873 and after the closure......

©1999 Glenda Kapsalis

La Luz y La Sombra
by Glenda Kapsalis

Roundly textured adobe next to sharp cacti fronds, rippled clouds floating over tiled roofs, curving terra cotta figures under a sharp overhang. . . subtle contrasts infuse the landscape in Mexico. The observation of these subtleties provides the photographer with endless.....



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