Ancient monuments always had an influence on me. Almost everything that comes from the past charms me or at least never leaves me feeling indifferent.

This particular job was an assignment for my school but I never really thought then about the potential involved in shooting ancient Greek monuments. I thought that because of their size the prospects for making something original were very rare.

Perhaps I did something common, but the greatness and the beauty of these monuments are still a big challenge to capture even if you think that you will repeat something that has already been said.

Most of us when we´re shooting something that we like, somehow think we can take it with us into our pictures.

Of course these enormous monuments and the feeling you get by looking at them is not something easy to capture by merely taking a picture.

What I have tried to do is to impart my enthusiasm and love for these masterpieces of ancient Greece. Never stop shooting something that you´re really find of even if you think you have nothing to say in the first place.

When you love doing something , you give a part of yourself to it, so, sooner or later you will get something back.

I know I won´t stop trying even if that takes up all of my time..... and finally how "common" can an ancient monument really be ?.

Faye Aitinidou      


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