Photographs do not portray reality as it actually is. From the moment of its discovery, photography has been moving very close to the imaginary. Since there is also the technical involvement of the computers, the composition of pictures has been widely used, with the result that, in many cases, photography has been devaluated.

This "other" reality still exists as reality in the artist´s mind. The channel through which this reality is imprinted on paper is of minor importance. Never the less, it is my personal opinion that the process of printing with the chemicals in the dark room offers something different to the photographers, which the computer is incapable of offering. This was the reason I chose the darkroom for these photographs.

The distance between the original concept and the result towards my "dive" in the imaginary, was even bigger than I had imagined. My wandering lasted approximately three years and many of the original photographs, which were ready to be exhibited were put aside and others took their place at the exhibition walls.

Theatre costumes and masks visit the ruins of houses that were once full of life and seem now like ghosts (or is it that these ruins become the setting for the tragedy to be re-enacted?).

Houses left to fall apart as time goes by are hauted by their long-lost owners who come and go searching among the ruins for a past remembrance.

They finally become murals.-

Thanassis Raptis      


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