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  Infrared transmitting Filters

Infrared film is sensitive to the non-visible infrared range as well as the visible spectral range. For this reason, infrared filters are required to block visible light when pure infrared photography is required. In ordinary photography with infrared film or infrared color film the Orange, or Red filters can also be used to change the contrast or color effect.

Such filters supplied by Kodak, Schott Glass, B+W, and other manufacturers.

The number in brackets () shows the corresponding Kodak Wratten filters.
The number in brackets [] shows the corresponding B+W filters.

Kodak Wratten Filter: No. 15, 25, 29, 70, 87, 88A, 87C

Schott Glass : RG 695, RG 830, RG 1000, OG 530

B+W Filters: 092,093, 094, 099

-Deep Yellow -Orange 
Schott OG 530-(15) 
[B+W 099] 
  This filter blocks the blue and blue-green portion of the visible spectrum up to approximately 500 nm. It reduces the excessive sensitivity of color infrared films for this spectral range, helps avoid a blue tint and differentiates colors more evenly. 
Red (25) 
  Removes blue in infrared photography 
Deep Red (29) 
Dark Red 
Schott RG 695 -  [B+W 092] 
  This dark-red filter is for Black and White infrared films and filter out light bellow approximately 650 nm. It allows pictures of a pure red image while making good use of the relative low sensitivity of infrared films. 
Schott RG 830 [B+W 093] 
  This black infrared filter will filter out the entire visible spectrum. It is used with black and white infrared films with sensitivity up to 1000 nm. 
Schott RG 1000 [B+W 094] 
  This filter transmits the invisible long-wave radiation in the spectrum range above 1000 nm. virtually unweakened. A pure infrared picture is the result. 
(87, 88A, 87C) 
  Visible opaque series, for absorbing unwanted visible light. 

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