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  Ultraviolet- Absorbing Filters

Reduces the excessive blue cast, which caused by the scattering of ultraviolet and blue radiation by atmospheric haze, radiations to which the blue-sensitive emulsion layer is especially sensitive.

The absorption peak is in the range which corresponds to the film's green spectrum. Such filters are Kodak Wratten 1A, 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2E.

The number in brackets () shows the corresponding Kodak Wratten filters.
The number in brackets [] shows the corresponding B+W filters.

(1A) [UV 010] 
(skylight filter) 
  Absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Reduces excess bluishness of outdoor color scenes, photographed in open shade, under clear, blue sky. Requires no exposure compensation. 
  Absorb ultraviolet radiation below 405 nm. Used in Black and White films to reduce haze, and as a barrier filter in fluorescence photography. 
  Absorbs ultraviolet radiation below 390 nm. Slightly more effective than 2A in reducing haze. 
  Absorbs ultraviolet radiation below 385 nm. Slightly less effective than 2B. 
(2E) [021] 
  Absorbs ultraviolet radiation below 415 nm. Similar to 2B, but absorb more violet. 

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