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  Safelight filters

The term "safelight" describes darkroom illumination that does not fog a light sensitive material, under the condition for its handling and processing. Generally, a safelight filter is chosen which transmits light at low intensities so as not to expose the photographic material.

For best results, follow the manufacturer's safelight recommendations.

The number in brackets shows the corresponding Kodak Safelight filters.

Yellow (OO) 
Greenish Yellow (OA) 
Black and White contact and duplicating material. 
Light Amber (OC) 
Contact and enlarging papers. 
Red (No.1) 
Blue sensitive materials. 
Light Red (No.1A) 
Slow orthochromatic materials. 
Dark Red (No.2) 
Faster orthochromatic materials. 
Dark Green (No.3) 
Panchromatic materials. 
Brown (No.6B) 
Blue sensitive x-ray films. 
Green (No.7) 
B&W infrared materials, except Kodak high seep Infrared films. 
Dark Yellow (No.8) 
Color prints. 
Dark Amber (No.10) 
Color negative papers, color slide and print materials. 
Light Amber (No.13) 
Color negatives and panchromatic films. 
Light Orange (Type ML-2) 
Intraoral dental x-ray films. 

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